Monday, December 17, 2012

Bath Melts Tutorial

I originally found out you could make bath melts/truffles at home from Be Beautiful, so of course I consulted all mighty pinterest and was quickly over-run with other versions and recipes. I decided to make some of my own, and just for giggles, here's how I did it.

1 oz. Shea butter
1 oz Cocoa butter
1 teas. Dried herbiness (I used orange peel)
10-15 Essential oil (I used sweet orange)

(I got everything but the EO at Hobby Lobby)

Step 1:
I lined a silicone tray with some mini muffin papers because I wanted to be able to give some of these away.

Step 2:
Melt butters. You can use a double boiler. I used my mini crock pot that's just for soap making and bath products. It was taking awhile to melt, so I went and did some sewing and checked back after 30 minutes and it was ready.

Step 3:
Mix in the essential oil and teaspoon of dried goodies, than carefully spoon into your mold. I used a tablespoon worth of melted goodness for each one, but will be using less next go around because it only takes half of one to get the bath water feeling nice and silky.

Step 4:
Allow the melts to harden completely. I popped mine in the fridge for a couple hours because I was eager to try them out.

Step 5: 
Grab some wine and a book and go take a nice long bath! (Then revel in your ultra luxurious soft, scrumptiously smelling skin)

{*Note that these make your tub slippery so take care when stepping out*}

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