Tuesday, August 27, 2013

And So It Begins...

My school semester started today. Now I will have one more thing to juggle. My classes went well, but it was nearly impossible to get any of my homework accomplished while Cadence was up. I tried giving her a notepad and pencil so she could work too, but she wanted to "cu-her on ma-meez". I anticipate many late nights in my future.

You would think I'd have it easy. I'm only taking 2 classes. But they are both upper division theory classes (Literary Theory and Feminist Theory), so the reading load is going to be pretty intense. I already have 14 definitions/concepts/events to memorize (Ode to Joy! I get to know all about the Anglo-Norman Invasion as it relates to literature.) for a Lit Theory quiz, and 2 articles to read and analyze in a 2-3 page paper for Fem Theory. All by Thursday. What have I gotten myself into? Lol =)

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