Thursday, August 29, 2013

DIY School and Office Supplies That Are On My To-Do List

Just because school is back in full swing doesn't mean I can't still be crafty and creative. I guess I'll just have to make crafty school stuff! =) While I was pinterstalking (yes, it's a real thing and there will probably be a 12 step plan for it soon), I came across a ton of awesome tutorials and ideas for making school and office supplies more snazzy. It got me thinking that is would be incredible to have all my school stuff be homemade. So here's my plan:

First of all I need a new awesome bag. I haven't been able to find a pattern for a bag that's is just what I'm looking for, so I plan on combining a few different things to get something I'll really love. I like the size (about 14x15) of the Diana Hobo Bag, but it doesn't have any pockets.
So I will add an inner zipper pocket, an inner divider with a divided pocket for my Nook and planner (which I will be covering in scrapbook paper) on one side and place for my pens and pencils on the other using colored pencil roll tutorial, and I want to add side pockets to carry my drinks in (oooh, maybe I'll insulate them!). Of course, eventually I'll need to make myself a wallet (or maybe this one) and Nook Color cover that match (I know there are tons of free ereader patterns out there, but I was gifted one made with this pattern for my birthday and love it so much I bought the pattern).

Now I need cool stuff to put in it, like these cute embroidered reusable snack bags from The Cottage Mama. They would be perfect for trail mix and granola (hey, big kids get hungry at school too!). Lindsay has a beautiful blog and some really great tutorials. You've probably seen her stuff all over the place. Yeah, she's really that good. 

I'd love to incorporate some of the great food themed embroidery transfers from the Purl Soho.

While we're on the subject of snacks, I'm also going to want one of a reversible drink sleeve. You have probably seen similar tutorials around, but this one by Crafty Staci is the first one I remember coming across. Plus, it's super awesome that it's reversible. And don't think it's only for hot drinks, these puppies are awesome for keeping cold drinks from dripping condensation all over your meticulously taken notes.

Then I'll need a crocheted apple cozy to keep my fruit from bruising, and while I'm at it I might as well make a banana cozy too.

I'll also need a Business Card Holder because you never know when a networking opportunity will arise.

It's allergy season for me, so I'll need a Tissue Case. And, yes, I realize this is a travel wipes case, but I use reusable cloth tissues and they fit perfectly in these.

If I'm going to be stylin' and profilin', I might as well have some awesome writing utensils too. Like these Wasabi Tape Pencils

This is inspiring and would make some wicked pens and accessories.

Now I just need to get to crafting!

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